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Portuguese Tirador 3rd Cazadores 1814

Price: $9.50
Baden Guard-Grenadier 1812 with Bearskin Hat, backpack and Musket
Price: $10.00
LEGO 8x WWII Americans: Infantrymen, Medic, Pathfinder & Officer w/ guns & Gear

Price: $80.00

Napoleonic- French Imperial Grenadier with Bearskin Hat, Musket, Epaulette and Backpack

3x WWII LEGO British Paratroopers w/ Bazooka, Sten, M1A1v2 & Backpacks D-Day                    
Price: $30.00

 Mexican Grenadier Inf. Summer Dress 1836 - Santa Anna’s Army
Price: 10.00

WWII German 1st Panzer Regiment 1940 with Luger and Beret
Price: $30.00
LEGO American Marines 1x Major and 2x Sergeants 1810-1815 w/ Muskets & Shakos

Price: $29.00

5x WWII German Fallschirmjägers
Price: $51.00
Soviet Soldier with AK-APOC, Ushanka Fur Hat and Backpack

Price: 10.00

3x WWII LEGO Americans of 517th Airborne France August 1944

Price: $30.00

8x Pedros and Cowboys

Price: $80.00                  

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Napoleonic - British Wellingtons 33rd Light Infantryman with Musket, Shako and Backpack

Price: $9.50

WWII American Tank Driver

Price: $10.00

LEGO Confederate Virginia Tidewater Regiment Soldier

Price: $10.00

French Fusiliers Grenadier 1809 with Shako, Epaulette, Musket and Backpack

Price $9.50

French Line Infantry Grenadier 1808

Price: $9.50

Canadian Glengarry Light Infantry 


Price: $9.50

WWII- American Tank Driver with M3

Price: $10.00

Spanish 1st Sergeant Fusillier company Toledo Regt 1770s-80s

Price: $9.50
WWII LEGO Italian XaMas Flotilla 1st Naval Infantryman 1944 with Beretta SMG

Price: $10.00

British Soldiers from Battalion Company 44th Regiment 1755

Price: $29.00

WWII-  Soviet Marshall Voroshilov 1939 with TT-33 Pistol


Price: $10.00                          

WWII - British East Yorkshire Regiment Soldier with Thompson M1A1 

Price: $10.00