LEGO 7x Allies: 1x British, 3x Americans & 3x French with M1A1s, Lee Enfield's


1x American Military Police Color: Reddish-Brown

1x MP Printed Helmet Color: White

1x American 1st Air Cdo Glider Pilot Color(s): Reddish-Brown & Light-Tan

2x Colt 1911’s Color: Black

1x Garrison Cap Color: Dark-Tan

1x British No.6 Army Commando’s Color(s) Dark-Tan, Reddish-Brown & Olive-Green

1x Beret Color: Green

2x M1A1 Color: Black

1x American soldier of the First Army 1945 Color: Sand-Green

1x M1 Helmet Color: OD-Green

1x Pineapple-Grenade Color: Black

5x Backpacks: Color: Reddish-Brown

3x French 172e Saper Regt Inf. 1939 Color: Dark-Tan

3x Lee Enfield’s

3x Axes Color: Black

3x Berets Color: Light-Tan

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